All our pieces are custom made because we believe in bringing out originality and uniqueness through fashion. Our specialities prevail in Banarasi Silks, a fine variant of Silk originating from the city of Banaras. Originally Banarasi silk was used for saris crafted exclusively for royalty created using real gold and silver threads that took years to complete, thus, lacing every inch of the fabric with rich culture, heritage, tradition & significance. The making of the Banarasi Silk at Shriya Singhi, is a beautiful journey that unfolds as the fabric is created from scratch by the artisans of Banaras. Shriya Singhi, as a brand, supports local weavers, artisans and works to create an eco-system that values and supports artisans and craftsmen.

The trying times that the pandemic has unleashed upon the world, has urged the label and the founder to reinvent to cope with the changing dynamics of the fashion industry and to adapt to the new normal. As a result, a constant effort is made to bring some fresh and unique designs incorporating rich Indian textiles to the world.