Every women should feel like a Queen or Rani. This Collection celebrates the very essence of royalty and art.

The Rani Festive Edit '24 collection by Shriya Singhi exquisitely intertwines tradition and modernity in Banarasi silk. Celebrating art and culture, the collection showcases timeless elegance through contemporary silhouettes, capturing the essence of cultural richness in each meticulously crafted piece.

Rekha Silk Kurta Set

Rs. 18,000.00

Red Silk Waistcoat

Rs. 5,800.00

Som Silk Kaftan

Rs. 13,800.00

Black Silk Waistcoat

Rs. 5,800.00

Gul Silk Kaftan In Black RTS

Regular price Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 8,000.00
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